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Frequently Asked Questions

When you work with our team, we will work closely with you around the clock, on your time, to create the remodeling design you’ve always dreamed of. Providing superior design and renovation services, we put safety of our clients first!

How long does a home renovation take to complete?

There are many factors that can influence this response depending on how complex the project is as well as the number of areas to cover within a home. Projects that usually take longer include building a home addition and creating a custom home. It’s important to note also that mistakes in a renovation can further lead to major setbacks. However, when working with a professional and qualified team, the answer can range between 4 to 8 months. This is a common guideline that contractors usually can work within depending on the project at hand.

Does a renovation always cost more than what you expect?

A common misconception is that renovation projects often leave homeowners spending more than what they can afford. The truth is that planning your renovation early plays a major role. Working with your contractor to create a budget that works is key. This budget will also include a sum of money that will be used for unexpected costs or mistakes. This way if something goes wrong, you can still be within your projected budget.

Sometimes opting for a professional renovation company can seem more costly at first, but the valuable quality results and low risk for mistakes make the project worth investing in. Furthermore, a professional company will make material and construction suggestions that are within your budget and affordable to your plan.

Now that I've decided on a home renovation, where do I start?

Deciding to upgrade with a home renovation is an exciting process! The first steps include deciding what you would like to have done to your home. Whether it be a bathroom, kitchen, basement, addition, flooring, or full home renovation, it’s important to know what exactly it is you want. This step ensures you get what you want out of the project.

The next step is finding a professional and trusted contractor to make your dream renovation visions a reality. Check out different contractor’s galleries and request quotes to get a better sense of your project. Our team at Home Renovation Plus is always ready to take on new clients and ready to show how our passion for renovating can give you the results you desire.

Which home renovation will give me the most value for my money?

Different circumstances can change the result of this answer. For example, depending on the condition of your property, the area you live in, and where your home fits in your neighbourhood will all have an impact. However, regardless of these factors, it has been shown that kitchen and bathroom renovation shave an estimate of 50% return.

If you are looking to renovate then sell your home, most buyers look for a modern kitchen as this is the heart of the home and where most of the living will take place.