Kitchen Renovation Reasons Richmond Hill

4 Purposes of Having a Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen is known as the heart of the home and usually, after a period of time, this space becomes out of date or becomes no longer as functional as it once was. If a home renovation is on the table for your kitchen, our team at Home Renovation Plus has created this blog post to inform and educate you on the four different purposes one might decide to have a kitchen renovation. 

Layout Changes 

Changing the layout of your kitchen does not have to be a scary idea because when working with a professional contractor who has the right experience, they will know the best way to place the objects in your space. For example, a common rule of thumb is placing the sink, stove, and fridge in a triangle formation to optimize the functionality of a kitchen. Additionally, creating an island or adding additional countertops may be necessary to create a more efficient layout. Don’t fear this change, embrace it! 

Cosmetic Changes 

Most commonly, a kitchen is renovated to make some cosmetic changes to the appearance of the space. Whether this is a new layer of fresh paint or refacing the cabinets. It’s frequent to see families outgrow the design of their kitchen and want to hop on new and current trends of the market. Cosmetic changes do not alter the layout of the kitchen but it changes the design of the face. Also, these changes can make huge differences in a home while even increasing the total property value! 

Flow of Traffic 

In order for your kitchen to be functional, it’s important that your space can easily operate with the everyday foot traffic that a kitchen experiences. This might mean moving a doorway to make the space flow better or completely adding an additional doorway to the space. Furthermore, removing a wall in your kitchen can significantly open up the space and work to make the kitchen look bigger. It’s important to note that modern trends suggest creating an open floor plan is quite the popular option. 

Create More Space  

Adding an addition to your home can become a big project but we assure you that the results of it are worth it. When you add a kitchen addition, you are modifying both the interior and exterior of your home adding in additional square footage. If you previously wanted to add a waterfall island or a walk-in pantry but did not have the room, with a kitchen addition the possibilities can now be endless! 

How We Can Help 

If you would like to work with a professional contractor and get inspired with design ideas for your kitchen, Home Renovation Plus is the team for your job. With years of experience in Richmond Hill kitchen design, you can rest assured that our team knows the best way to design your space to match your desired aesthetic and improve the functionality of your kitchen. You can get in contact with our team today by reaching us at 416-887-4858.